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Delphi FREE* AS/400 32bits Components !

(C)1998, Paul TOTH <tothpaul@multimania.com>
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My First OpenSource RGP !

With ILE-RPG-IV you can use system API and especialy the sockets API... I've made a RPG version of my Delphi SENDMAIL !
Download SNDMAIL source code.
Installation :
  1. Create TOTHPAUL LIB
  2. Create QRPGLESRC, QDDSRC and QCMDSRC source files
  3. Upload (with FTP) the provided sources code
  4. Under PDM, set members attribute (RPGLE, DSPF and CMD)
  5. Compile FORM DSPF
  6. Compile SNDMAIL RPGLE
  7. Compile SNDMAIL CMD
  8. Add TOTHPAUL in your LIBL and use SNDMAIL !

New components, WITHOUT Client Access !

Because ClientAccess if a big fat client, and cause IBM AS/400 support now TCP/IP, I've made some new component to read DB2/400 files using FTP !

FTP400.ZIP is a sample Delphi 2 application to download, and display any DB2/400 file.

Try also my 5250 emulator (with 3812 support) TN400.ZIP


My Free AS/400 32bits components (need ClientAccess) !

CAWIN32.ZIP with fix for Delphi 3+ ()

About CAWIN32

Current release content :

Bugs !

See also Client Access Objects
* Under the GNU General Public License